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Bespoke Event Planning and Management

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Evening Events











Evening events and dinners, from formal black-tie balls to Wild West square dancing and everything in between, are more than just a bit of fun. They can be a reward for a task well-accomplished, a big improver of employee morale and a great way to bring a group of employees and/or clients together.

While we can work with you to create a traditional dinner or party to your tailored specifications, we can also suggest or assist with some more out-of-the-ordinary meals, venues and locations to make the night a special one.

With Amethyst running your dinner or evening event, all you need to worry about is making the perfect toast-and in fact, we can help you with that too!

Corporate Hospitality











Events to entertain your staff, clients or potential clients are important for any organisation. At Amethyst, we know that getting all the details perfect can be extra difficult when the event is not on an organisation’s “home turf”-away days can be a real headache to plan.

With our experience at offering corporate hospitality at all sorts of location all over Europe, getting Amethyst to plan and run your corporate hospitality is like taking an aspirin for that headache before it even arises. From drinks on the London Eye to evenings at the racetrack, all we need are your hospitality preferences and requirements. The rest you can leave to us.

Delegate Management











When planning an event, sometimes the practical details are so time-consuming that the real reason for the event is neglected; the forest can be missed for the trees. With our years of experience in all aspects of delegate management, Amethyst is here to help.

Before your event, we can send the invitations, keep track of the RSVPs and assemble delegate packs. During your conference we can handle check-in/registration, and act as a single point of contact for attendees throughout. We can handle any of their queries or special requirements, from their dietary needs to finding accommodation, while keeping you updated on any important matters which arise.

In short, with Amethyst taking care of your delegates, we can leave you free to focus on getting your message across and enjoying the event yourself.

Speakers and Sponsors


Speakers and sponsors form the core of many conferences. We have relationships with many of the finest speaker services, and can recommend the best people to speak to your attendees. We can look after the speakers throughout the event, providing them with everything from refreshments to multimedia presentation equipment.

Keeping sponsors happy may also be a priority for you. We will work together with both sponsors and clients to ensure that sponsors receive top value for their investment. From marketing the event to choosing the right invitees, we can act as your liaison with the sponsors, leaving you free to focus on substantive content. Our extensive experience creating innovative, effective branding opportunities can both satisfy existing sponsors and help to attract new ones.